Room 13 Drivers

In Room 13 we are learning and practising how to become self-directed learners. Self-directed learners are able to practice values such as innovation, inquiry and curiosity as they delve into areas of interest, thinking creatively and reflecting on their learning.

Integration throughout the entire curriculum happens when we are self-directed as we draw on all our knowledge across a range of subjects.

What does a self-directed learner look like? Self-directed learners are curious (in Room 13 we call it (“wanting to know stuff”) and are willing to try new things. They are able to make choices to extend their learning and understanding.

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What are we doing to become self-directed learners? We are learning how to ask or generate questions when we want to learn about something, to know more about something or how to do something. We know how to choose activities to support our learning, know our learning goals and are developing the skill to make our own goals. We know how to ask questions and find answers to solve problems.

Molly didn’t know what a ‘row’ was. She needed to find out so she could answer one of her maths word problems. What did Molly do? She went and asked a class buddy. Now Molly knows what a ‘row’ is.


Molly demonstrating to the class what a row is

Self-directed learners will not only ask for help but they will give it. Taylor helped Katelyn with ordering numbers up to 30. Super work Taylor, you make a great learning buddy.

Isla and Pippa decided many people needed to practice their sight words, so they set the game up and found friends to play with.


Taylor helped Katelyn put numbers into order


Playing bingo to learn sight words

Arley and Trend are enjoying recording their inquiry learning in their writing books, practising their new skill of generating questions and writing the answer that includes the question.


Arley and Trend practising their writing during can do time

As well as finding out many facts about France many Room 13 buddies have been practising their new technology skills by drawing and constructing Eiffel Towers. Many of us are teaching ourselves to construct the Eiffel Tower using a variety of materials.


Lachlan and Tom used lego


Amaya and Haylen used origami techniques and paper


We learnt about the fleur de lis and made crowns to wear like royalty

As self-directed learners, we choose to practice and learn new skills.

8. Tom and Emily recreating the Eiffel Tower using blocks