Room 13’s superstar class treaty

Room 13 is learning how to be a superstar learner and what we need to do to be the best that we can be to help us achieve this.

We came up with a list of expectations that we all need to follow. Before we co-constructed our treaty together as a class we first read the book The tree hut treaty. In the book The tree hut treaty we learned about how two parties came together and co-wrote a treaty to help them share the tree hut. We then talked about what a treaty is and why we need to have one. Together as a class we came up with a list of expectations we would follow in Room 13, some of these included to always do your best, use a quiet hand, to be caring, to show the teacher and to use kind words. 

Respecting the environment by putting our toys away in the right place. (Robert) 

To be kind to others by saying nice words. (Emmy) 




Our treaty is part of our inquiry unit as we are learning how to be the best we can be. The Achievement Objective for this is: Understand that people have social, cultural and economic roles, rights and responsibilities. The students are learning how to be the best version of themselves, part of this is learning how to make positive choices and learning to understand our emotions. 

The students then designed their own person,to represent themselves some students decided to make clothes for their people, they did a terrific job. The people then went around the outside of the treaty. We refer to our treaty on a regular basis to help remind us how we can be the best version of ourselves.  

This is cool making a mini-me. It looks just like me. (Carter) 











Keywords: Being the best you that you can be and expectations.