Room 2 Korean experience

Room 2 have been learning Korean through the Virtual Learning Network (VLN).

Our tutor, Sunny, lives in Dunedin but is originally from South Korea. We are able to access this learning by working in a Google Classroom and by live web lessons every Monday.

We have learned some simple phrases, numbers, colours and even made traditional masks and fans. We have learned about the culture, food and main cities of South Korea. My favourite personal phrase is jo-young-hi ha-se-yo, which means, please be quiet.

The New Zealand curriculum details what our students should be taking away from this experience.



Proficiency descriptor

Students can understand and construct simple texts using their knowledge of the target language. Students can describe aspects of their own background and immediate environment. (Adapted from Common European Framework for Languages, Global Scale Level A1: Basic User; Council of Europe, 2001.)

The exposure to different cultures and language is very important for our young people. The World is getting smaller every day and our aim is to build global citizens with an understanding of other cultures and their own.



Language knowledge

Students will:Recognise and describe ways in which the target language is organised.Compare and contrast languages.Cultural knowledge

Students will:Recognise and describe ways in which the target culture(s) is (are) organised.Compare and contrast cultural practices.

What do the children think about Korean?

It teaches us how to say things in a different language which will help us of we ever go there. Korbin

That we get to learn a new language and get do hands on activities. Angela.

I really like interacting with it and learning Korean. James

Just having the satisfaction of learning a new language. Carlo

I like it because we were the lucky class that got chosen to do it and learn another culture. Chloe.

I like interacting with Sunny our teacher and doing lots of activities. Libbie


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