Room 6's Trip to Thailand

As part of our ‘Push Pin’ inquiry unit in Room 6 this term, we have been learning about life in Thailand and comparing it with life in New Zealand.  

Ex-Wairakei Teacher Whaea Ange moved to Thailand earlier this year to teach in a Thai school. She has buddied each of us up with a Thai student in her class. We have been skyping our buddies, writing letters to them and sending video messages to them asking about their life and their school. They have sent us letters and made art showing typical Thai meals.  We noticed a lot of rice, pork and seafood.

We wanted to go on a trip to Thailand, but our budget didn’t quite stretch that far, so we did the next best thing… we arranged a trip to Thai Delight restaurant in Taupo.  Mrs Thompson and the staff at Thai Delight tried hard to give us a Thai experience. In the weeks before our trip we practised Thai phrases to use and even learnt to count in Thai!  We made passports to take with us on our trip. Inside, there were different challenges that had to be met to get our Visa stamps. The challenges were things like ‘Try a new Thai food,’ ‘Use a Thai greeting,’ ‘Ask a question about Thailand,’ ‘Find out something interesting about Thailand.’  Our parent helpers were given official visa stamps and were able to stamp our visas if they saw us complete a challenge. We had lots of fun completing the challenges and learnt lots too!

Watch Sawadee video here


Sawadee Ka!.JPG


Thai Delight.JPG


Visa Stamps



We enjoyed a banquet lunch.  There were different Thai curries, stir-fries, pad thai (fried noodles), fried rice, spring rolls, fried tofu, prawn toast, curry puffs, pork and rice wrapped in banana leaves, and much more. We got to try everything! Most of us went back for second helpings (some of us for third and fourth helpings!). Our new word “Aroy!” (delicious) came in very handy.










Ty and Wiremu.JPG

The staff at Thai Delight surprised us with an amazing display of beautifully carved

fruit and vegetables.  They did a demonstration of carving the fruit and then they let us eat the creations!  Most of us thought they were too beautiful to eat! They also provided us with booklets full of interesting information about culture, customs and taboos in Thailand.  We asked them questions about Thai life, food, animals, buildings, school, plants, the king, religion and much more.


Amazing Thai Delight




Carved fruit 1


Carved fruit 2


Carving demonstration




Vanessa and Xavier




Carrot flowers

We had an awesome Thai experience and learned so much on our trip. Thank you to the many wonderful parent helpers who joined us. We also want to give a huge thanks to the team at Thai Delight for all of their hard work.  We highly recommend their restaurant to our Wairakei families. They really went out of their way to teach us about Thailand and give us the best Thai experience that we could have without leaving Taupo!  “Kob khun Thai Delight!” from Room 6, our whanau, and Wairakei Primary School.

Watch Thai Delight video here

View our Thai Delight photo gallery here

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