Room 7 and 8 Visit to Taupo Public Library

With more than 90,000 items on offer at the Taupo Public Library, there was something interesting for each and every one of us to explore during our visit.

We met Tracey the librarian and she explained how the library worked, all the different collections available, and how to find books. We were able to issue on our own cards if we had them or get them on our class account. We found all sorts of books, ranging from Cameron’s joke book to Brandon’s Skylanders to Jayda’s find about the Kaimanawa horses. Tracey even found an old newspaper article about Wairakei Pet Day with Mrs Woolnough’s son in the picture.

The best part of our visit was being able to find a spot somewhere in the library to browse and read. I think Amelia found the best hiding place.


Brandon and the Big Bad Wolf


Our happy place


Bit of a queue


Daniel and Beau enjoying their visit


There you are, Amelia


We're world famous at the library


Tell me a joke


Jake made a new friend

2 Jayda and a good friend