Room 7 and 8 Visit to the Taupo Museum

The highlight of our trip to town was the visit to the Taupo Museum.

We were instantly impressed by the colourful wharenui inside the museum, which we soon entered with the museum educator. We took our shoes off, sat on a small cushion, and held our clipboard and pencil. We learned all about why we have a museum in Taupo, what happens to the artefacts and how they are displayed and stored.

We were soon let loose to explore the museum and there was so much to see. We were fascinated by the ancient telephone and the giant wooden waka. The stuffed birds and model railway showing the way they carried wood in the old days were popular exhibits. The retro caravan proved the most enticing, with Angus showing us what he might have looked like in a 60s bikini.

Thanks for that, Angus!

After we had finished exploring, we returned to the wharenui where some of us shared the treasures (taonga) we found. Many of us said we couldn’t wait to come back to the museum again soon.


Here we are outside the wharenui


Our research clipboard


The ancient telephone


We had good discussions about what we liked at the museum


This trout was so heavy


We became rock hunters


Looking stylish there


Morepork _ ruru


The model railway was very detailed

Thank you to Donna, Sally and Sandy, the parents who accompanied us, and to the museum staff, who were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

1 Here we are outside the wharenui