Room 7 and 8 Year 5 Plays

While our year 6’s are on camp Room 7 have had the pleasure of taking in the  Room 8 year 5 students. We have decided to focus on our oral language and acting skills. WIth the production coming up shortly it’s a great time to start to practise. We have been have been given a  play from a journal, we are creating props to support our play and stepping outside our comfort zone and presenting to our peers.

Keep an eye out for our next post - 'Kids in Action'.


Ayden, Justyce, James, Cameron and Patrick


Ayden, Justyce, James, Cameron and Patrick


Libbie, Chloe and Codee reading through their play together


Malan, kane, Adam and Phillip


Victor, James, Beau and Daniel


Waimarie, Savannah, Saffron, Eve, Dannika, Amelia and Angela

1. Alex Gilbert Finn Ryan Fletcher