Room 7’s SOLO challenges

List, compare, contrast, explain and sequence.

These are some of the SOLO verbs that we have been learning about in our classroom programme.

Mrs Isaacson has been helping us learn about SOLO in a fun and challenging way.  

Firstly, we had to go through the words so we understood what they meant.  Then we applied the words to a learning task.  

Mrs Isaacson set up stations around the room and we were able to choose which one we wanted to work at.  We had a go at the activity on each station and discussed the questions on the cards.




Sometimes we used the questions to stimulate curiosity.


Kritnesh made a turtle out of some maths equipment. Mrs Isaacson challenged him with - “Is it possible to build another turtle, similar size but a different shape?”  He completed this challenge very quickly.

I like to create turtles, they are very easy to make - Kritnesh.

Kritnesh was using the SOLO word, create, when talking about his turtle.  Well done Kritnesh.


Drawing station:

I drew Tigry from Robloxs Piggy. I like drawing these types of characters because I like shading and making them look realistic - Jovarn



I only like drawing things that don’t have 4 legs because  I can’t get the scale right.  But I am practising - Daisy


Lego station:

Keanu and I were comparing how well our cars would drift around the track - Cole

We had different cars and they would drift differently around the track - Keanu


SOLO Cole and Keanu


Let's get physical station:

This exercise is good for your core muscles - Ahnika

This exercise is good for your balance and thighs, which helps you get stronger so you can do other things better - Ciana


This exercise helped make my muscles stronger so then I can be better at motocross - Maz



This exercise builds strength and helps with your core muscles.  It builds muscles in your shoulders too.  You have to really focus - Sol



Next steps: To use some of the other SOLO verbs in creative challenges. To invent some challenges of our own.

Keywords: SOLO, challenges, lego, drawing, physical 

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