Room 8 and the Solar System

Our integrated Inquiry is about Curiosity. Curiosity is important because we ask questions, learn from others, and look for ways to achieve a goal.

To develop our curiosity about the Solar System, in groups of five, we brainstormed questions. 

The learning was about creating curiosity using questions and SOLO verbs skills.


Brainstorming questions about the Solar System example

We started our research using books and the Internet.

Following are some of our questions:

  • What are the colours of each planet? 
  • What is the size of each planet? 
  • How many planets are there in the Solar System? 
  • What about the Sun? What about Pluto? 
  • What is the position of each planet to the Sun? 

We watched a video that explained a procedure to follow to create a 3D Solar system. We then listed the equipment needed: A large foam ball for the Sun, a middle size foam ball for planet Earth, a small foam ball for Mercury, foam board, hot glue gun, glitter, wool, chalk, paper and paint. The students started to paint the planets. We started to create the Solar System.


Blake painting a planet


Riley Harrison Layne Darrius Isabella and Finn painting their planets


Marshall Arion and Jack creating the Universe

Next, we made a compass with a pencil and wool. This helped us when measuring the distance between each planet. 


Ava Brooke Lennox Emily and Karma creating the Universe


Blake Malia Izak Riley Darrius creating the Universe

Finally, we identified the features and interesting facts of each planet. It was an amazing way to compare and contrast the information we gathered. 


Identify the features of the planets and the Sun by Ava Emily Karma Brooke and Lennox

It was absolutely fantastic to see their enthusiasm working in groups and eagerness to learn.

I really enjoyed doing the 3D Solar System because I love painting. My favourite planet is Venus. Brooke, Room 8.

I liked the 3D Solar System because we painted and created something. Blake, Room 8.

I loved using the hot glue gun and I worked mostly on the Sun. Izak, Room 8.

Through Reading, Writing, Technology and the Arts, Room 8 gained amazing knowledge about the Solar System. 


3D Solar System by Room 8

Keywords: 3D Solar System, Curiosity, Technology, Create, Identify, Compare and contrast, Classify, List

Blake Malia Izak Riley Darrius creating the Universe. Room 8 2020 7