Room 8’s Passion Projects

How can we as students articulate and explain our own understanding of our world?

Firstly, as a class, we read a story from our local area called “The Battle of the Mountains by Peter Gossage. After reading this the students created the mountains from the story and were able to describe who they were and where they were located in our district. They understood that maori had explained the mountains location as a disagreement in a story. After the story, the students researched one of the mountains using information from the internet and books.









Secondly, the students carried out science investigations using a variety of approaches: classifying and identifying, exploring, fair testing, making things and identifying the scientific perspective that made things react or change.

This helped students to communicate their understanding about what was happening during the experiments and developed their knowledge of scientific vocabulary.



As we moved through the knowledge stage of our inquiry and developing skills of researching, note-taking, summarising information and using new apps to record our thinking it was time to focus on the students' passions and for them to use the researching skills they have been developing over the course of this term. Room 8 students decided on what they were passionate about and started to create a booklet about their passion project.  This was also done digitally.







Keywords: Passion project, inquiry, oral language, Maori, mountains, science, vocabulary, researching.

Elliot - Our passion projects were a lot of fun because you could discover new things and you can learn how to use Google better.

Tori - It was awesome because it was interesting searching about my project.  I found it hard to summarise information for my mountains and my passion project.

Swayde - It was fun and I liked writing about my passion projects because it was about dinosaurs. Sometimes it was hard to spell the dinosaur names.

passion project 7