Shining Stars

Room 13 during mathematics time has been learning about patterns.

First, we learned what a sequence is and then how to continue on that sequence repeatedly to make a pattern. The students started by choosing two or three shapes by referring to the shape mats to help them create a sequence. 

Once they had chosen their shape sequence, they drew this into their books and then repeated this three times to create a pattern. 

The students struggled with the concept of what a sequence was and the difference between a sequence and a pattern. 

A pattern is where you repeat it over and over again. Cameron. 

A sequence is a plan and a pattern is the result.  Sadie

Learning intentions: 

  • Identify what a sequence is.

  • To continually repeat our sequence to make a pattern. 

The class created a pattern with a buddy using a variety of different materials such as; coloured shape beads, alphabet beads, foam and plastic shapes. The next day we all created a pattern independently. 

By reading the  big book “Perfect patterns” we discovered that patterns are all around us from the clothes we wear to being on circus tents. 

Our sequence is red, green and orange. Emmy. 

A pattern is when you repeat it over and over. Grace. 

My pattern is a blue cylinder and a yellow circle. Gnapika 






Once everyone understood what a sequence was,  we were able to create our own patterns. Then we started to create our shining stars. Everyone cut out their stars. Before we created our patterns using pre-cut coloured squares, we needed to decide on what our sequence was going to be. There was some practice of making patterns that occurred before we all could move one.

Once we decided on our final  sequence we started to create our pattern by gluing the pieces of coloured paper onto our stars.

 Some students  found it a challenge to continue their sequence repeatedly especially in the corners of the star. 

To create the background we used small square sponges and dabbed black and blue paint onto our piece of paper to create the night sky. 








Keywords: Sequence, patterns, repeating.