Spectacular Swimming

“Is it time to go swimming yet!?” again asked Joseph excitingly.


Joseph and Indie K Enjoying their swimming lesson

Joseph is not the only student in Room 10 who eagerly waited for Miss Neal to ring her class bell to let them know it was time to pack up in anticipation for swimming. Room 10, as well as other classes at Wairakei Primary School, have been fortunate enough to take part in the Contact Energy swimming and water safety programme held at the AC Baths. This programme enables thousands of children in the Taupo district to attend swim classes each year. It aims to encourage New Zealanders to recognise swimming and personal survival skills as the basis for all aquatic recreation. 

To begin with, our swimming ability was assessed by a qualified swimming instructor, they looked at whether we could enter and exit the water safely, move in the water confidently, submerge our body completely, and pick up objects underwater with our eyes open. In order to do this, we played a variety of fun water games including 'ring a ring o roses'. When we got to the part where we ‘all fall down’ we had to put our heads under the water. This gave the instructors a good indication as to whether we were confident or not in doing so. After we were all assessed we were placed in groups based on our ability, this allowed the swimming instructors to teach us based on our swimming needs. 


Paige Brooke and Juno Enjoying their swimming lesson together

We all thoroughly enjoyed our lessons, Juno “liked going under water” and Paige “liked blowing bubbles”. Isobel pointed out that our swimming lessons did not only provided us with essential swimming and water safety skills but were also “good exercise”. 


Isobel Indie J and Carys learning to kick while streamlining


Isobel Carys Indie J learning to kick on back while streamlining

In total, we had eight half hour session over a two week period. We learnt a variety of essential swimming and water safety skills that has like Brooke said “made us better swimmers like our mum and dad” just in time for the kiwi summer. 


Lily Travis Alex Amber and Finlay Learning to kick on back using a noodle for support


Travis learning to float by doing a starfish


Izak Practicing his kicking using a flutter board


Fletcher Indie K Pania Izak Learning to kick using a flutter board


Keywords: Swimming, Water Safety, Physical Education and Health.

Curriculum Link:

Health and Physical Education (level 1 - Participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experiences, describe and use safe practices in a range of contexts and identify people who can help, Participate in a range of games and activities and identify the factors that make participation safe and enjoyable, Develop a wide range of movement skills, using a variety of equipment and play environments, Identify and discuss obvious hazards in their home, school, and local environment and adopt simple safety practices)

Photo 6 Paige Brooke and Juno Enjoying their swimming lesson together2