Splashing into safety

Room 9 have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to participate in Learn to swim, and water safety at the AC Baths.

Swimming is beneficial for our social and physical well-being. We all improved our ability to swim within our two weeks. We all started at different levels of swimming abilities, we had fun while managing ourselves and showing P.O.W.E.R.

Learning to swim every day for two weeks ]not only make us stronger but is a valuable experience in being safe around water.

Hunter: We learnt how to float



Lachlan: We learnt how to do arm strokes, strong arms over our heads, touching our ears






Splashing into safety freestyle

Te Ahurei: We learnt how to do the backstroke, put your head back and float.




Splashing into safety back stroke

Amelia: We learnt to scull water, we have to kick strongly and move our hands to our sides




View the Simming video here

Zoe: I learnt how to swim, it was fun.

Levi: I can float and be a starfish.

Amaya: I learnt how to do backstroke you need to keep your head back and make strong circle arms will kicking on your back.

Ari: I’m great at diving under the water, I can last the longest under the water.

We finished our 2 weeks with a lesson on boat safety, we learnt how to put life jackets on

Emma: We learnt how to get into the water off a boat safety, tuck your legs up, block your nose with one hand and hold it down with the other.

Nathan: We learnt what to do once you get into the water, we swim on your back to the others.

Maddox: We learnt how to be safe in numbers, put your arms on the children’s waist next to you and make a circle.

View water safety video here

Splashing into safety rockets