Spring Is Here

Welcome to the newest member of Room 4. 


Spring is here and so are the lambs. We were lucky enough to get to meet Spike the 2 week old baby lamb. 

Spike made himself at home in Room 4 and fitted right into our environment and learning. We were able to ask Riley Spike’s human brother many questions that he was able to answer that made us more aware of Spikes life and what he has been through. 



Here is Riley and Spike. 

Spike was a rather sick lamb. He was born as part of a quad. He never attached himself to his mother so Riley and his family had to take care of Spike to make sure he survives the first few months of life. This means bottle feeding Spike every 2-3 hours, Spike is also recovering from pneumonia. This is why Spike has to wear his woollen vest to make sure he stays nice and warm. 


We used Spike as inspiration for our writing. We are using the writing train to help us write a simple sentence.  Check them out! 



Oscar said: Nervously Spike explored the classroom. 

Lucy said: Spike the white lamb wore a nappy. 


Luke said: Spike the lamb came to Wairakei Primary school and explored happily. 

Blake said: Spike the lamb came to school to have a play date with Riley. 

Thank you Spike for your visit.  

Thank you to the Christie Family for sharing Spike with us. 



Keywords: Spring, Lamb, Spike, Writing train

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