Student Voice and Student Choice

Let's get creative!


Visual arts is the focus for the Te Mihi students in term 4 and the teachers decided that it was important to provide opportunities for choice.

“Every choice you make has an end result” Zig Ziglar

Each of the classes in Te Mihi started off by providing a visual art taster to hook the students in. Every student had the opportunity to participate in each one in the different classrooms.

Room 5 - Tinfoil people

Room 6 - Tinfoil pictures

Room 7 - Paper sculptures

Room 8 - Cardboard constructions

Once the students had experienced all the art tasters, they then got to choose which one interested them the most. The students were then placed into those classes for the next 3 weeks to start building their art creations.


The aim in Room 7 was to experiment with paper.  The students looked at:

  • How to cut paper to create different shapes and effects.

  • Paper placement on a base.

  • How different colours affect the mood of the work.

After experimenting with some paper techniques, the next job was to create a plan. Each student drew a plan based around an idea of their choice. Each student had to be able to explain the meaning behind their art work.




Mrs Isaacson then asked some students what they thought about the process Te Mihi went through in order to provide them with choices.

There were lots of choices to choose from and it was good that we got to have a go at all of them first - Chloe

It was cool that we could choose the art that we liked and that we were interested in - Tori

I found it hard to choose my favourite because they were all different and I wanted to do all of them - Leila

I liked doing the tasters where we got to build things.  They were fun - Cole

It was good that we got to try all of the art, it was hard to pick one.  I liked it because we could work on our own or with a buddy - Ashleigh


Keywords: Student choice, student voice, tasters, visual art, paper.

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