Building a Classroom Community

Children who had come from different classrooms needed to come together to create an environment where we could all feel safe and learn. Read more about ' Building a Classroom Community'...

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POWER People

Charlotte and Ciana decided that we wanted to pick up rubbish every day to keep Wairakei Primary School looking beautiful.

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Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem

Room 3 has been busy. We looked at global issues and chose to focus on the issue of waste, especially that caused by single-use plastic. Read more about 'Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem'...

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Room 3’s Biodegradability Garden

After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Room 3 planted a garden with different types of materials to see what would biodegrade.

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Recycled Crayons in Room 3

I got a book from my aunty and I looked in the back of it and discovered how to make recycled crayons.

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Technology Design Process in Room Three

I learned how to sew on the machine when Diana from Boomerang Bags came to Room 3 Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, for a Boomerang Bags session.

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Plastic can be fantastic

We started to look at the life of plastic, the uses of plastic.

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Boomerang Bags in Room 3

Mrs Thompson, along with Victoria and her mum, attended a Boomerang Bags Taupo session. They made reusable produce bags. Read more about 'Boomerang Bags in Room 3'...

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Going Global in Room 3

We learnt about how the world is split into hemispheres, continents, countries, oceans and seas. It was exciting to discover that many of our Room 3 students’ whanau members came... Read more about 'Going Global in Room 3'...

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