Cool Catapults

In Room 1 we made catapults for our workshop. It was to measure accuracy and distance using tape measures and dot plots.

We made the catapults out of ice block sticks, plastic spoons, glue guns, thick cardboard cylinders, tape, bulldog clips, plastic containers, rubber bands, string, paper clips and anything else we could find to use. We were creative about how we made them. Some were more successful than others. It was fun to build them and test our inventions.

We tested the accuracy using bullseye dot plots. Overall, they were not accurate but some people did get bullseyes.

Our last step will be to make a dot plot of our distance measurements. Jack’s catapult went the farthest with 14.3m.

Written by Myles and Mrs Graham

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The Story of Cecil

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Japanese Dancing

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Japanese in Room 1

Our Indian Visitors

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Room Four Visitors October 2015