Biodegradable Fruit Stickers

When I was out in the garden at school I saw lots of plastic fruit stickers in the soil.

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Brooke s prototype

Room 3’s Biodegradability Garden

After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Room 3 planted a garden with different types of materials to see what would biodegrade.

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Garden all cleaned up2

Recycled Crayons in Room 3

I got a book from my aunty and I looked in the back of it and discovered how to make recycled crayons.

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Making them with my brother at home 1.12.19 PM

Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3

In Room 3 this term we have been learning about the global issue of plastic pollution and how we can help by cutting down on waste. Read more about 'Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3'...

Clare with her prototypes2

Technology Design Process in Room Three

I learned how to sew on the machine when Diana from Boomerang Bags came to Room 3 Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, for a Boomerang Bags session.

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Imogen sewing in class2