Te Huka Explosions

As part of our “In My Words” integrated inquiry the Te Huka Team had Passion Discovery every Wednesday afternoon during Term 3.

Students got to chose their “passion” from three different options. Our passion project was explosions. Our group had a science focus. We got to do lots of different science experiments with explosive reactions. We had lots of fun and extended our science knowledge about materials that react together and why they do. We also extended our science vocabulary.

Some of the explosive activities we took part in included:

  • Making volcanoes in the sandpit

  • Exploding lunch bags

  • Film canister rockets

  • Lava lamps

  • Marshmallow catapults

  • Coke and Mentos rockets

  • Water bottle rockets

We also made videos to share our passion for explosions here.


The lava erupting from the volcano


Look at that huge hole we blew in our bag


Lava lamp fun

I liked the water rocket the best because it went so high in the sky. Macey

I liked the coke and mentos explosion. Kiara

I liked it when Mrs Sprague got all wet from the exploding water rocket. Tori

I liked doing the water rocket because I got wet. Emma D

I like the coke and mentos because I wanted to eat the lollies. Zahn

My marshmallow flew a long way in my catapult. Grayson


I like making the volcanoes in the sandpit. Bella


Curriculum Links

Science Level 1 and 2

Nature of Science - Investigating in Science

Material World - Observe, describe, and compare physical and chemical properties of common materials and changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated or cooled.

Key Competencies

Thinking - to make sense of experience

Participating and Contributing - contributing your ideas and participating as a group

Grayson is ready to fire