Teaching the Teacher - Fitness Fun with Room 6

Wanting some fun fitness activities for activity breaks with a Year 5 and 6 class I started to look for ideas, when I suddenly thought "why don’t I ask the students?” So I did.  So far they have taught me and others in the class three new games that everyone enjoys.

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The students who knew the games have enjoyed teaching them to others and are really engaged in our fitness time. The benefits of teaching others is widely understood and sometimes called the protege effect.  To sum up,  Itamar Shatz states some of the main benefits are;

  • The protégé effect is a psychological phenomenon where teaching, pretending to teach, or preparing to teach information to others helps a person learn that information.
  • The protégé effect improves your learning process by increasing your metacognitive processing, increasing your use of effective learning strategies, increasing your motivation to learn the material, and increasing your feelings of competence and autonomy.
  • Beyond improving your ability to learn the material, teaching others can also lead to additional benefits, such as improved communication skills, increased confidence, and improved leadership ability.

What Room 6 Thinks They Are Learning

Room 6 then went on to reflect as a whole class what they felt they were learning during Fitness time. I was impressed with their ideas.

Tane said, I’m learning to shoot hoops and run fast. We identified this as learning skills.

Te Omeka called out teamwork. The class agreed and said that cheering their team on giving advice and supporting each other to keep going was all teamwork.

Jessie said, team leaders have to communicate. The class talked about everyone having a chance to be a leader and not being afraid to tell others what to do in the game.

Nic talked about using strategies during the games to try to beat the other team. Spreading your good goal shooters through the team in Golden Child.

Lilee talked about having resilience. If you don’t shoot a basket the first time try again. If you fall over and are not badly hurt, walk it off and try again.

The class talked about understanding how to win, be gracious and don’t brag. They also talked about how to lose, don’t pack a sad. We identified that as self-control.

Room 6 has demonstrated to me that the morning fitness break incorporates a lot more learning than expected.


Teamwork, resilience, communication, leadership. self-control, skills, strategies, protege.

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