Technology Challenge 1

How do we get Mrs Isaacson safely through an obstacle course of objects?

This was our challenge. Our focus this term in Room 7 is participating in a variety of activities that will promote our oral language skills.  One task to help with this was giving directions and we linked this into technology = computational thinking.

First, we brainstormed in groups, all the words we thought we might need to use when giving directions. We were allowed to draw symbols as well.  





Then, Mrs Isaacson created an area on the mat with obstacles in the way. Our challenge was to write the directions (creating an algorithm) by using our brainstormed words to get Mrs Isaacson from a starting point to a finishing point without crashing into any objects.

Once we had our directions we were able to have a quick practise with our group before trying it out on Mrs Isaacson.  


Next, it was Mrs Isaacons turn. Zavier and Mac read their instructions out first.

It was funny watching Mrs Isaacson jump over the rubbish bin Poppy.

We realised that we didn’t have enough directions to get Mrs Isaacosn to the end, so we had to make some up Mac.

Our directions were clear because Mrs Isaacson got through the obstacle course without banging into anything Zavier.



After Mrs Isaacson had made it through the first obstacle course, other groups were able to read their directions out for her.

Room 7’s next steps:

  • To refine our directions and change them if we found things that didn’t work.
  • To try the obstacle course blindfolded.
  • To omit some directions when reading them out.

Key words: technology, algorithms, directions, oral language.

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