Terrific TALES Programme Supports Tamariki

Wairakei Primary’s TALES programme has been a great success with six students participating in this tuakana/teina programme. 

TALES is designed to run in the last few weeks of each term and supports groups of students transitioning from the end of the term to the term break. It provides a structured context where younger terina learn valuable social interaction skills from a tuakana (older student).

The tuakana are supported with visual prompt cards and goal sheets. The tuakana are trained to teach the teina (younger students) how to interact, take turns and play cooperatively.

Students choose a ‘play kit’ to use for the afternoon. These include board games, Lego, an art kit, cars and ramps and a play dough kit. The idea is that students can only choose one kit for the afternoon, and they are responsible for packing up at the end with the support of their tuakana.




At the end of the programme, students receive a certificate and have a celebration session.



We hope to secure funding to run the programme again.

Keywords: TALES programme, tuakana and teina, social skills programme,

TALES celebration gwen 2