The art of finger knitting

There are many things we are learning as we try new hands-on tasks. One of these is how to manipulate wool and cotton - particularly by tying knots.

This is a very fiddly task and one we were quick to pass on to the teacher earlier in the term. Now we are more likely to persevere and tie our own knots (even if it takes a few tries).


Cameron trying yet another method


Cameron followed instructions on YouTube to make a snake not venomous

Finger knitting required quite a bit of knot tying. It also involved listening carefully to instructions, looking at examples of what we needed to do, and developing resilience when it went wrong or fell off our finger. Finger knitting allowed us to have a growth mindset and we couldn’t believe how much we improved as we started new ones. We were happy to give those away to friends as bracelets or necklaces because we were proud of them and confident in what we had made. We delved into YouTube and there were all sorts of patterns - the snakes were quite unique.


Jovarn tried a different style


It was a great opportunity to share our crafts on Seesaw


Halo shows her skills

Room 5 started with over ten large balls of wool. Now we have to get more, as we’ve used it all up. Chelsy and Nikea measured one of their strands on the courts with tape measures and it came out at over 25m. That is a lot of wool and a lot of finger stamina.


We got so good at finger knitting we could even multi task while we listened to Mrs Farquhar read to us


Samuel is proud of his work


Ciana gets the hang of it


Ahnika has just started

We got so good at finger knitting we could even multi task while we listened to Mrs Farquhar read to us