The Big Move

What a big change Room 4 has had to adapt to. Room 4 packed up their whole class and headed for the hall.

It was all about participating and contributing to get the move done. Everyone had a part to play when moving all our furniture. The students of Room 4 were trusted to set up the classroom so that it was functional and we had a workable space. 

Stanley said :

It was fun moving because we get to work in a new workspace. I liked moving all the furniture because I felt helpful. I am excited to see what the old Room 4 is going to look like when it’s all finished. 


Lyla said:

Moving into the hall was really fun because we got to design our own classroom and put all the furniture where the students wanted it. It is better because it is a bigger open space for us to do our learning.



It is taking some adapting to get used to having to share the new space. Both Room 1 and 4  are working on being considerate and showing POWER to others by being aware of their surroundings and noise level.  


Scarlett said: 

The hall is really big but noisey. We loved the added carpet to our new classroom, as it now gives us a nice mat space and somewhere comfortable to sit. We also have roommates from Room 1 that we get to work with. 

Lilly said: 

I am enjoying the hall, but I can’t wait to get out of the hall and see the new and improved Room 4. I am hoping that we can move into our new classroom before the end of the year. 



Once the carpet had arrived, the students of Room 4  began thinking. They had to design a floor plan to fit everything in. The aim was to have as much carpet exposed without furniture on it as possible so we could make the most of the soft carpet. It was interesting to see the different floor plans the groups had created. There were lots of different discussions going on about what would best go where and moving of furniture, so the students could grasp a visual picture of what it might look like. As a class, we decided on one-floor plan.  As a group, we moved the furniture to match the plan. The students had to work together to move all the furniture while being aware of others around them. 

Here is our floor plan. 


Keywords: Moving, classroom, POWER 

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