The Mexican Hat Dance

For our Push Pin inquiry Room 14 are learning about the country of Mexico. We are comparing and contrasting life in Mexico with our lives in New Zealand.  We have found out that the Mexican Hat Dance is the national dance of Mexico. All Mexican children learn this dance at school so we decided we should learn it too.  


The Mexican Hat Dance is so much fun

The Mexican Hat Dance is a partner dance. The music is very catchy and we have found the dance quick and easy to learn. The dance is quite good for our fitness and we can be hot and tired at the end of a practice. We have also found out that there are several different versions of the dance. We have tried several different versions. Mrs Ross shared a box of traditional Mexican circle skirts and ponchos with our class so we have been able to dress up in traditional Mexican dress. During the dance we shout “olay” which is the Spanish way of saying “hey”. We hope to dress up and share this dance with other classes and our whanau at our celebration day in week 7. We think we may even be able to teach others how to do the Mexican Hat Dance.


Dressing up is fun

I like doing the actions and shouting out “olay”.  Te Omeka


Partners arm in arm

The girls wear big dresses.  I like wear our Mexican skirts because they spin around in a big circle.  Eden


There is a lot of heal and elbow tapping

I like the hats they wear.  We only have one of the special hats.  Lachlan


This dance move is called the star

I like the ponchos that the boys wear when we dance.  I can’t wait to have a pretend moustache on our celebration day.  Liam


This is how we start the dance

The boys wear sombreros.  The dance is really easy to learn and fun.  Emma G


We have to dance with a partner

Watch our Mexican Hat Dance videos here

Achievement Objectives

Level one and two

Social Sciences

Understand how cultural practice reflect and express people’s customs, traditions, and values.

The Arts - Dance

Demonstrate an awareness of dance in their lives and in their communities.

Key Words

Push Pin, Dance, Mexican Hat Dance, Compare and Contrast

We have to dance with a partner2