Tractor Pull

Room 2 has been able to use the latest piece of technology to arrive at Wairakei Primary School. We are now the proud owners of 12 Sphero Robots. These are incredible pieces of technology and work incredibly well across the whole school.



Our first activity was a tractor pull.

WALHT; research, design and build a trailer that your Sphero can pull.




Research & Development

  • Using the internet research some different types of trailers that your Sphero could pull.
  • What do we need to think about??
  • Trailer
  • Connecting it to Sphero
  • Balance
  • Program



Design and engineering

  • In this step, you have completed your research and now you must draw a plan of what your trailer is going to look like.
  • Your plan will need
  • Label
  • Size
  • Plan - how to make it, pictures, procedure, step 1 etc.

The Build

  • In this step, you will be building your trailer.
  • Materials
  • One A3 piece of card.
  • One meter of sticky tape.
  • Scissors.


Programming your tractor.

  • Once built and tested you must learn to program your tractor to pull your trailer along the course using drag and drop block coding.

The results were quite spectacular.

Tractor pull 3