Use Your Noodle

What can you do with a few cones and stray pool noodles that is fast paced, fun and teaches movement skills at the same time?

Room 15 will tell you it’s Noodle Tag of course!

Team Poihipi have recently been involved in movement and fitness activities in the afternoons as part of our Health and Physical Education programme.  Noodle Tag is one of the new strategic games that has been introduced and has quickly become popular with the students.

Brooklyn: I like Noodle Tag because it’s fun chasing people and trying to tag them.



Noodle Tag involves students being split into groups around a circular cone boundary.  The first person from each group holds a pool noodle and runs into the middle of the circle.  The aim is to tag a player from another team with the noodle below the knee.  When a player is tagged, they must run back to their team and give the noodle to the next person, who then runs into the middle and repeats the process. If a student fails to tag a person below the knee or runs out of bounds, they must forfeit their turn and the noodle is passed to the next player in their team.

Oliver: I like how there are rules like only tagging people below the knee and not on the face.



The game is successful because it is fast moving and avoids having students standing or sitting around for long periods of time doing nothing or being ‘out.’  As well as encouraging the development of higher personal fitness levels, the students learn valuable movement skills like running, dodging and having to change direction quickly.  While playing this game, students are also developing their strategic and tactical thinking skills as they try to deceive and/or trap their opponents.  The students found that being able to stay in the middle of the circle for longer than a few seconds proved to be more difficult then they first thought.  

Riley: It’s hard to tag someone without them tagging you first.

Jack and Mason: You have to remember to stay inside the cones, which is hard when someone is chasing you.


In addition to students’ development of movement and motor skills, games like Noodle Tag encourage participation and interaction with others in a fun and safe environment.  Students learn about showing respect for themselves, for each other and also for the rules of the game to ensure its success.  They learn valuable life skills like patience, turn taking, co-operation and working as a team, as well as how to play fair and show sportsmanship.

Lisette: I like how everyone gets a turn.

Room 15 are looking forward to applying their skills in more strategic games over the next little while and of course, their next game of Noodle Tag!


Keywords: Noodle Tag, movement, motor skills, co-operation

Curriculum Links: Health and Physical Education- Movement Concepts and Motor Skills, Relationships with Other People

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