Using Nature to integrate maths and technology

Room 15 have been learning about geometric shapes. We have also been learning how to use our class ipads. 

So what better way to do this than combining the two? Integrated Curriculum!

Our goal was to search for geometric shapes around us. We are lucky to have our own school gully so we decided to go exploring for shapes there. We researched the Kids Greening Taupo website and discovered a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ activity. We used this as inspiration.




We worked with our POWER Pal learning how to take turns and how to communicate with each other. One student took the photo of a shape while the other student ticked it off on the recording sheet. Students then swapped roles. When we couldn’t find certain shapes in nature like hexagons and pentagons, we made these shapes using natural materials such as sticks, leaves and stones.





When we went back to class, we learnt how to use the Pic Collage app on our ipads. We learnt how to select our photos, choose a grid and decide on a background colour. This was then downloaded onto our seesaw page where we recorded our voices explaining what shapes we had discovered in nature.

Room 15 learnt a lot about geometric shapes and how they can be found in nature. By integrating the curriculum students can develop a range of skills in a fun and interactive way. 




Keywords: integrated curriculum, geometry, scavenger hunt, ipad, pic collage, Kids Greening Taupo 

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