Visitor from out of Space

Inspired by the story Scarecrows from Space


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While reading this book, Poppy, Jordyn-Lea, Patrick, Jack and Casey were very interested in what a scarecrow is and what they would be like in the real world, they wanted to create their very own scarecrow and find out.

First, they had a very interesting planning session, where they thought of things they would need to create their own creation.


Scarecrow planning session


Scarecrow planning sessionscarecrow-in-space-planning-session.JPG

Patrick- We will need some boxes so he has a spacesuit.

Poppy- We need hay to stuff him.

Jordyn-lea- We need clothes and a hat.

Casey- Wood, tinfoil, legs and arms.

Jack- We can use these lids for the eyes and this for his mouth.

They then proceed to work out a shopping list of thing i would need to bring in for them so they could make their robot/spaceman scarecrow.

Poppy-You will need to get us everything on this list if possible.


  1. Sticks

  2. Hay

  3. Sock things


  1. Bottle tops

  2. Hot glue

  3. Box


  1. Pants

  2. Tinfoil


  1. Boots

  2. Hat


Scarecrow shopping list sessionscarecrow-shopping-list-session.JPG

They were left to their own planning and designing of their scarecrow, it required a lot of talking and trial and error to see what plan would work and which would not. They were able to ask for support or rope in a nan or two when they were stuck. They first laid everything out and worked out jobs for everyone to do.

It turned out to be a bit windy making the hay stuffing to be more difficult than they expected but they managed to work out that if someone held the stocking the other could stuff it. They discovered if they overfilled their stocking it ripped ladders into the stocking and they couldn’t tie it up.


Scarecrow arm building

They proceeded to lay the sticks in the right formation and with adult assistance were able to hammer a staple through to hold it up.


Scarecrow from space Arms on


Scarecrow from space wood hammering


Scarecrow from space wood hammering


Scarecrow from space wood joining


Scarecrow from space wood design

The scarecrow needed clothes so they stuffed and fitted him in the latest scarecrow fashion.


Scarecrow from space boot


Scarecrow from space hat


Scarecrow from space pants on


Scarecrow from space spacesuit on


Scarecrow from space spacesuit


Scarecrow from space pants

Now he needs a head they set to work making him a face and a head.


Scarecrow face


Scarecrow face making

We did it the scarecrow was created he is all ready for space expedition

He comes in different clothes because he needs to blend in


Scarecrow from space as a pirate


Scarecrow from space as a teacher


Scarecrow from space as a Wairakei student

 Watch our scarecrow video here


Keywords: Inquiry, Exploration, Technology, Student agency, Design, Construction, English

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scarecrow from space as a wairakei student