Volleyball WPS Taupo

Three teams attended the annual Volleyball tournament held at the AC Baths event centre.

Each team had six members who had been training with Mrs Farquhar during lunchtimes. Our teams really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about being a team and playing volleyball. Our skills of punching the volleyball and serving still need some work. As a group, we discovered that we need to make our serves count from the start.

We had lots of laughs about our serving. We were the best school at rotating our players in and off the court.

Three schools from our local cluster attended. Our best-placed team was the Wairakei B team who came fourth on the day.

Thank you to all the parents who provided transport and acted as coaches. Thanks to Sports Waikato for hosting the event.


01Volleyball WPS Taupo


02 Volleyball WPS Taupo


03 Volleyball WPS Taupo


04 Volleyball WPS Taupo


And they came fourth

And they came fourth 05Volleyball WPS Taupo2