We Speak for the Trees

The students in Room 7 are becoming eco-warriors after watching The Lorax by Dr.Seuss.

After our Systems inquiry they now have an understanding of why trees are so important and why we need to look after our forests. Students were asked to imagine themselves as "The Lorax" and to speak for the trees. They also made a suitable Lorax moustache and created their own version of a Truffala Tree. 

"Keep away from my trees.  I don't want you to cut them down because we won't have fresh air," said Lorax Olivia.

"If people cut down my trees you won't live, you will die.  We need leaves from trees to make fresh air," said Lorax Luca.


Tree huggers in Room 7

"Don't cut down the trees or the birds won't have anywhere to make nests and lay therei eggs," said Lorax Skylah.

"If the trees are cut down we won't have lemons, apples  and oranges," said LoraxAlex.


Jay's Truffala Tree ... wow!

"We need trees otherwise we won't have any nature. Itwon't be nice without trees. Cats like to climb trees too," said Lorax Imogen.

"Stop chopping down any trees because the birds need trees. Otherwise they are just flying around and they won't have any nests.  They will have to sit on the ground," said Lorax Ava.


Some Lorax apprentices

"Stop cutting down trees 'cause where will we get fresh air from?  Nowhere!  And where will the birds live if you cut down all the trees?" said Lorax Bean


Bean's beautiful Truffala Tree

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