Why Should I Get the Lollies?

Room 1 students have been using their persuasive writing skills for a very important purpose. The students used specific, persuasive words to convince Mr. Kidd why only one student should get the bag of lollies.


The students were learning about using specific, persuasive vocabulary and to form a convincing argument in our writing.

To win the lollies, the students had to make sure they made the most persuasive argument they could.


Room One did this by using;

  • A title - it’s important to have a title since it helps keep a clear idea in our writing.

Isabella used a clear title I deserve those Jelly Snakes!

  • Persuasive vocabulary - this meant that we were able to describe our opinions so we could convince someone else. Words and phrases such as “I think” or “In my opinion” or “I believe” are good examples of persuasive vocabulary.

Lily wrote I think I should win the lollies because, my Mum and Dad work very hard and they deserve a little treat once and a whileI.


  • We also needed to think of some evidence to support our arguments.

Did you know that according to Tui, kids that starts with T should eat them

and in

Indie’s opinion, “All the people that start with I in the first letter in there name can eat the lolly snakes

  • We also needed to make sure that we used a variety of punctuation. These included full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and speech marks.


After some hard decision making, and reading all the wonderful arguments, Mr. Kidd picked a winner!

Harry gave good reasons why he should get the lollies, gave some evidence and used some really good persuasive words, like clearly and obviously to convince Mr. Kidd why he should get the lollies.

Here’s his argument:

Clearly I'm the one that deserves all those lollies. Anyway who needs lollies apart from me and my family. Obviously l have a reason that I deserve them. I may die if I don't get those lollies. I have been a really good boy and (I hardly get lollies at home). Knowing me I'll share lots of the lollies to people that are nice to me. I will give some to Mr Kidd and I won’t be greedy. Boys starting with H need more lollies than others (scientifically proven). I will not boast or skite about having all those lollies. I will share all the lollies with Ricky,Dane and Finn. Mr Kidd is the best teacher ever so he will get lots of lollies.    

Sincerely Harry. 

PS. I clearly need the lollies.

Keywords: Argument, writing, persuasion 

Curriculum Links: English: Writing, Presenting

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