Wildlife Competition

Wairakei Primary School was given the opportunity to take part in the Department of Conservation 'Wildlife Art' competition. The competition was open to any New Zealand children aged 5 - 12 years. 

In the junior classes, we spent time researching the habitats of a variety of animals using both non-fiction books and youtube clips. As a class, we brainstormed where our animals lived and learnt some new vocabulary i.e. Africa, grasslands, savannah, Serengeti etc. 







We learnt to sketch our animals using tutored you-tube art lessons. The students learnt, during these art lessons, that it is ok to make mistakes and accepted the fact that all our sketches would look different.

How to draw


Success Criteria for the competition 

  • Draw or paint your favourite animal in the wild

  • Write on the back or on a separate sheet what your animal loves about its home

Here are some examples of Ohaaki teams wildlife art competition entries and their writing that detailed their animals' habitat.

My tiger lives in the jungle. (Robert)

My elephant lives in Africa. (Alysha)

My rhino lives in Africa. (Sadie)

My whale lives in the sea. (Grace)




Haylen and Isobel, from Room 9, also participated in the Wildlife Art Competition. Their focus was on the habitat of whales, lions and rhinos. They used the sketching you-tube tool to help draw their animals too.

A lion lives in the wild so he can get food. A rhino loves the wild because his friends are there. (Haylen)

An elephant is the largest animal. Elephants live in the forest and beside ponds in Africa. (Isobel)


Emily was moved by the plight of the native animals in Australia after the forest fires. Her Wildlife Art focused on koalas and kangaroos which are native Australians.

Koala’s are becoming endangered because the food they eat, which are leaves from the Eucalyptus trees are getting destroyed in the bush fires.

A whale lives in the ocean and it is the only place it can breathe. (Karma)


Keywords: wildlife, habitat, describe, location, environment, Department of Conservation, sketch, grasslands, ocean, forest, mountain, Africa