Wonderful world of writing

As part of our daily writing programme, the children are learning to write for an audience. How can we make our writing more interesting and how we can share our ideas with a wider audience.

The students learning involved:

  • Discovering what adjectives were and how these could be used in our writing to add more detail.

  • Discovering what similes were and how we could use these in our writing to create a picture in the reader’s mind.

  • Learn how to use book creator, experiment and make a book to share our writing with others.

  • Create writing/texts that can be responded to and appreciated by others

As a class we discussed what an adjective (Wow word) and simile were and how we could use these to make our writing more interesting.  Mrs O’Sullivan modelled how we could look at different parts of our dinosaur and use the words “like or as” to create a picture in the reader’s mind.






We were lucky enough to invite our friends from the local early childhood centres to be our audience for our Poihipi team  “In my words” celebration. This opportunity for the children to see the true purpose of writing by having their poems/dances responded to and appreciated by an audience.




Another way Room 15 was able to share their fantastic writing with a wider audience was using book creator. As a class we made a book to share our dinosaur similes with our whanau.  We used all the skills our big buddies had shown us when creating our original books. This book was shared with our whanau through seesaw.


Watch our Imagineosaurus video here

I liked using the microphone to read my dinosaur poem at assembly (Seth).

We learnt that we can use similes to create a picture in the reader’s mind. I used “fluffy marshmallows” to describe how the dinosaurs skin felt (Dali).

I used the words pitch black as the night to describe what my dinosaurs eyes looked like. I felt nervous reading my poem in front of lots of people. (Oscar)

I like using WOW words to make my story better (Blade)


Keywords: Audience, Adjectives, Similes, Writing, Sharing, Presenting, Purpose


English WritingandPresenting Dinosaurs Room 15.3