Word Wall

The Te Huka Team started their 'In My Words' Inquiry.  This is an English based inquiry that integrates other curriculum Learning area.


Driving Question: How do I explain my ideas clearly?

Learning Areas:

English: Focusing on extending vocabulary and sentence structure so that my speaking and writing is complete.

Science: Using the vocabulary of science to explain my thinking.

Social Science, Physical Education, Dance, Te Reo, Mathematics: Integrating these areas to provide opportunities for us to extend our vocabulary and our ability to follow instructions and learn from each other.

In Room 14, as part of our Inquiry, we have started a Word Wall.


Word Wall

This week we looked at the word huka. This is what we found out:


First, we pair shared what we knew about this word. We talked about hearing “Would the Terrific Te Huka teachers please present their certificates” at assemblies. Some of us knew that we were part of the Te Huka team at our school. Emma D had heard of Huka Honda - a motorcycle shop in town.

Then we used google to help us. This is what we found out.

Huka is a Maori word it means foam, froth or snow.

The Huka Falls is a special place in Taupo. The white in the rapids looks like foam. Nearly all of us recognised this photo as a place we had been to.





The Huka Falls are near our school.

The Te Huka Team

We are part of the Te Huka team Rooms 12, 13 & 14 Mrs Jackson, Mrs Sprague and Miss Woodcock.

Our teams are named after POWER stations because our school was built for the power development in our area. POWER is made from the geothermal (steam) and hydro (water) resources in our area. And we all know POWER is very important to our school.  We also know Huka Cycles and Huka Honda which are shops in town.

I know Huka Honda, Huka Cycles and the Te Huka Team.  Emma D

Huka comes from the Huka Falls.  I have been there once. I got splashed with a lot of water.  Daniel

Huka means foam.  Foam is soft and bubbly.  Kenzie

I know we are part of the Te Huka Team and there is a bridge at the Huka Falls.  Stacy

There is a red sign for the Te Huka Power Station.  I have seen a red sign. Zahn


Download PDF here

Here is the start of our Word Wall in Room 14.