World War I by Rose

World War I

We arrive in Gallipoli off the boats, going straight towards where the soldiers in my troop are digging trenches. We all start digging. I’m exhausted already then I hear “Boom!” My commander yells out, “Get down lads the Turks are firing”. We all fall down then there’s another shell hitting the ground. Jones is gone.

It is all quiet. We start digging again.

The sun rises. The trees are blowing, talking to me. My commander yells, ”Lads, we start shooting today. Get up.” We get behind the walls of the trench then “fire” yells the commander. We run and shoot. We see Turks falling and our men are falling, too.

That night I wrote a letter to Ma to tell her Jones is gone and the food is yuck but I love her ANZAC biscuits.

We get up in the morning. we get our rifles. The commander yells, “Ready lads, up and over you go. And  shoot!” We climb up the trench and fire. There are cannonballs everywhere. I run. There is a Turk right in front of me. I don't want to shoot but I have to so I shoot him just before he shoots me.

There’s a Turkish tank coming our way. I shoot the tyre then the tank driver sends a shell towards us. I get down then the mud splatters all over me. It is in my mouth and it tastes bitter and gritty. I can’t see anything then I hear my commander yell out, ”Sydney, where are you?” I yell, “Out here! Under the mud!”

My commander digs me out. We fire our cannon. We shoot our shells. I hear, “Boom!” There’s crying everywhere. The commander gets shot straight in the leg. He has to get it amputated. He's balling his eyes out because he misses his wife. The first aid people decided to send him home. He climbs aboard a ship then hear a loud, “Snap!” It’s wood breaking. I  hope it’s not on the commander's ship.

The new commander comes. He is much tougher than the other commander. He yells out, ”Get back to work. Don’t be lazy. Fire, lads! Shoot the cannons. Shoot your rifles!” We shoot and shoot. More men are shot. It comes closer to the end then the day comes. I am so glad it’s over. We board ships and sail off home. When we arrive back in London, Ma is waiting for me. She cries and cries as she tells me Pa is gone. I am broken that he is gone but I’m glad it’s not me. War was not fun but I’m glad we have peace in our country.

by Rose A

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