Y is for yacht

In Room 15 learning is fun! We learn our letter-sounds by creating and making things.

In order to become readers and writers, children need to develop a knowledge of the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet and of their letter-sound relationships. Children have to be able to distinguish sounds before they can match them with the letters they represent.

In Room 15 we focus on one letter-sound, phoneme, each day. We carefully listen to the sound, find words that start with that sound and connect it with the letter that makes the sound. We also practice reading and writing the sound. To help children remember the sound we connect with other curriculum areas.

The sound for ‘y’ was linked to the word ‘yacht’, so we made some yachts. This activity expanded into discussions about floating and sinking and designs on the sails. As the children tested their yachts there were questions about moving and speed, which lead to more questions about wind and blowing the sail. The children were wondering and exploring about their own theories on how to make their yacht move faster.





There were also opportunities for the children to problem solve. When their paper sails got wet they talked about what happened and how to fix it.



Children were excited to share their learning at home with their family.


team poihipi room 15 phonics 02