Paula Farquhar

I believe that the only acceptable standard for education is the "standard of greatness". "It's all about the children" through great teachers providing great opportunities with a "Learn it, Prove it" directed "inte-great-ive" curriculum. Too much? Maybe. Then again, I believe, every Principal should make such a claim. 

My individual style is the "of course I can take your class while you do..." , or as staff will probably say — "I just wish she would stay in her office".

I like to get out of my office. The reason I avail myself of such opportunities on a regular basis is I love the engagement. Students love the sharing, I thrive on the bonding and I'm a firm believer whanau can't get enough of me being out and available. What great educator doesn't love to share? When not doing my 'out of office visits' or the necessary paperwork, I attend school events and assist with the improvement of student behaviour where appropriate. Recently we held a mini whanau conference showcasing ways parents can help their children at home, a conversation informed using school based achievement using our detailed infographics. 

I seek to foster a culture of professionalism that is built upon a solid foundation of critical reflection. This is expanded by a network of advanced educational practitioners to extend my theoretical, philosophical and pedagogical application. I aspire to create opportunities for mentoring, sharing, and engaging in professional dialogue and action. I believe through strategic dialogue we will map learning and teaching so innovation and creativity can flow through to modern curriculum implementation, greatly expanding learning opportunities for all children.

WPS Staff 2021 Paula Farquhar
Paula is an ‘ideas’ person and it is a common sight to see large sheets of paper in her office with her latest thinking projected. She is a strategic thinker who is looking for the next opportunity to improve student achievement, yet she is discerning and considered before implementing any change. - David White, Director of Governance & Management Solutions, 2019.Paula Farquhar