School Polo Shirt (compulsory)

Our school polo shirt is compulsory and sizes available are 6-14.Cost: $27.50 per shirt. Sunhat

Wairakei Primary School is a registered 'Sunsmart School' and hence it is compulsory for all children to wear wide brimmed hats at break times and whilst outdoors during Terms 1 and 4.  Sizes available are small, medium and large.Cost: $12.50 each.

Polar Fleece (Optional)

The school has sourced a poly fleece to compliment the school shirt.  It is a 285gsm low pil mirco fleece.  The poly fleece is on display in the school office (the same logo that is on the shirt is on the poly fleece). Please note that sizings are different to the school shirts so it is recommended that you try one of the sizes available in the school office before you place your order.Cost$38.00 each.

Second Hand Uniforms

We do have a few second hand polo fleeces Size 10 and up at the school office for $20.00 each.Click on the following price list to access the full list of uniform that is available at: Brandfuel Promotions, 32 Oruanui Street,TAUPO

Phone:  07 3781160  Mobile:  0274521455  Email:  brandfuel@xtra.co.nz

Additional Polo Shirt Option for School UniformThe Board of Trustees have approved the addition of a cotton/polyester blend polo shirt to our school uniform.  We understand the cost will be the same as the current polyester shirt. This shirt is not yet available but when it is we will advise you through the school newsletter. We are adding Ashley Cho as another uniform supplier (Totara St) and once he has our uniforms available we will let you know. Brandfuel (Oruanui St) will also continue to stock our uniforms. Please note this is not a compulsory addition to the uniform and does not replace any existing items. We are simply adding another option for families and students.