2019 - Aratiatia go to Paradise Valley Springs

Our very successful Mall in the Hall raised money for the Aratiatia team to put towards a trip. This meant that we could afford to hire buses and travel out of town for our end of year celebration. We were lucky enough to go to beautiful Paradise Valley Springs in Rotorua.

It was a fantastic trip.  We enjoyed feeding a range of animals by hand, including a tui, llamas, ducks, goats, trout, deer, horses and everyone’s favourite, the wallabies. It was exciting to see some of the wallabies with joeys in their pouches. We got up close to a cheeky kaka, which kept us entertained.

After lunch, we had a fun scavenger hunt. We all raced around trying to be the fastest group to find all of the information we needed. This brought out the competitive streak in some of us! It was a wonderful day of exploring and learning with our friends.

We finished off the day watching the excitement of the lion feeding. 

It was a day that we will always remember.