2022 Pet Day

Arriving early on Saturday, November 5, to the sounds of lambs, horses, dogs, and people scurrying around the school could be heard.

Our much loved Pet Day was back after a hiatus in 2021. The weather played its part as the community enjoyed the sunshine and the activities on offer. 

Students and their animals were on show. The dedication to rearing strong, healthy animals was clearly evident and our judges were impressed. 

It’s fun looking after the lamb. I like it because they always like to hang out with me. They get distracted but they are fun to spend time with. My tips are to hang out with them as much as you can and we used sultanas to help train them - it’s like lollies to them - oh and keep them fed up on milk  Harry

There were some very interesting small animal entries this year to keep our judges on their toes.

I brought bees to school for the small animal category. I had to tell the judges how I looked after them and I had photos to show them and I even had some of their honey for them to taste - I won first place. Baylee

Our wearable arts competition indicates that we have some budding fashion designers in our midst as their creations took pride of place on the hall stage.  

I made my dress out of old balloons and a hot glue gun. Mum helped me glue them onto an old dress. I liked holding the balloons on the dress. Mckenzie

The baking competition was well received and the judges had a tough time taste testing the entries to find the winners. This is the type of judging I would like to do.

My cake was themed around Alice in Wonderland. It was chocolate flavoured and the decorations were made from vanilla modelling paste and edible paint. Everything on the cake was edible. I won first place. Laila

This is the biggest event hosted by our vibrant PTA. The organisation of this event starts early in the year and could not happen without the hard work of its members and the wider community.

Thank you so much for an amazing turnout to Pet Day.  Once again the helpers were outstanding, the weather was great and the children had worked hard with their pets. I loved walking around all the stalls and seeing the effort that had gone into everything and the smiles on everyone's faces.

The Year 6 stalls were a hit, and the children that made them were having such an awesome time with their games. Well done to everyone who came up with a stall. 

A huge shout out goes to our teaching staff who dedicated much of their own time to the planning and success of Pet Day. Thank you for supporting our children and helping the PTA put on such an awesome event. We appreciate you all. 

An extra thanks to Jenna Foley. She is at all of our PTA meetings backing us and supporting us with advice and her wealth of knowledge. Without Jenna, the PTA would be lost, so thank you Jenna. Also Paula Farquhar, our principal, was a fantastic help attending our pet day meetings and helping us order food as well as being on the candy floss and BBQ all day. Thank you Paula.  Val Mansfield in the office is the backbone of all things school and PTA, making everyone's job easier. Thank you Val for your dedication to our school. Lastly, but definitely not least, our sponsors. Without you we would not raise the kind of money we do for our community on Pet Day, so thank you so much to everyone who donated prizes for our raffles. 

Overall I think Pet Day 2022 was an exciting successful day, and the funds raised towards our new playgrounds will be such a boost. Look out for Pet Day 2023, because we already have great ideas and the planning is underway.

Thank you all again, 

Katie Sherman

PTA Chair