2022 Term Four Celebration of Learning

Summer Festival of Movement

Movers, Shakers and Evaluators

Room 9 and 11 are improving on moving and grooving. 

Te Mihi’s inquiry focus had a strong focus on the New Zealand Dance curriculum. Students participated in set lessons created by a professional dancer,  Anna Tombleson allowed us, teachers included, to break down elements of dance. Everyone was left confidently popping and locking. 

When the students had perfected their twirls, unison and canons we were ready to perform in the Summer Festival of Movement. 

With Room 9 and 11 looking forward to the warm summer days ahead of us, we created a “classic kiwi summer’s day” through movement. Students had the opportunity to perform routines that showed what their summer looks like, from beach walks to car trips to bbq’s – we had it all. 

After multiple successful performances the students become dancers and the next step was to become dance critics. 

Students began watching other schools' dance performances, where they focused on learning to share their opinions. Through writing multiple reviews students began to understand the importance of including reasons to support their explanations.

My favourite part of Clevedon School’s Show quest is when the song good vibes comes on because I listen to this song alot and it is by of my mum's favourite bands - Clara 

My favourite part of this performance is the music because it is from games I like, Mario Crash, Bandicoot and Pacman and because these dances were funny. I recommend this for kids 8+ because anyone Younger might not understand it. - Eva

People that would like this dance would be  8 to 15 Years old. I think that these ages would like it because It has good songs in it and makes you want to move. - Michael 

Students of Room 9 finished their review writing focus with a self review. 

When my group came on to dance to Slice of Heaven, we used different body bases and went on our knees, bottom, stomach and back… - Sam

My group's dance was about us driving in a car, we did a lot of dance moves in unison and at the end we used different body bases to make a car out of our bodies. Which I thought made our dance look cool. - Richard

I danced to the song Nature, it was a great experience because it is always great to try something new. - Juno

My favourite dance was the cool me down one, because it had lots of fun moves that made you feel like going for an afternoon swim. - Jessie

When interviewing Declan from the cricket group he said, ‘he felt mint’ because he was excited to perform in front of a crowd. - Te Omeka

I interviewed Bella. She said she felt happy doing  our dance…I agree with her because I felt happy and proud of our group’s choreography and gymnastic skills. - Zoe

My favourite part of our dance were our props, because they clearly showed what our dance was about - Sophie

My favourite part was the goodnight kiwi dance because we were all together. - Declan 

This Kiwi summer was the best summer performance in the world because all of Room 9 and 11 performed… I think all of the kids put a lot of effort into this show - Jessie