Years 3-4


Task 1

LI: Make connections between the text and your own life

Read:  Tim’s Costume


Have you got a favourite costume?

Why is it your favourite?

Design your own costume - using your favourite colour.

Task 2

LI: Make connections between the text and your own life

Read: Butterfly Day


Have you ever seen a butterfly come out of its chrysalis?

Use what you already know about butterflies, and what you learnt in this book to draw the life cycle of a butterfly.

Task 3

LI: Make connections between the text and your own life

Read: The Way to Play


What strategies did Room 6 come up with to help them make decisions about the playground?

Create a set of rules/guidelines that we could use when trying to decide to do things as a group.

Extra: Design your own playground for school.






Warm Up

Play Kim’s game with the people in your house.

You will find out how to play it here: Kim’s Game

How many items can you remember?

Task 1

LI: Write a description 

SC: I can include:

  • Interesting adjectives

  • How an Autumn leaf looks, feels and sounds


Use this pobble slideshow to write about Autumn leaves.

Choose two of the activities to do.

You can watch this video from Miss Nicholson to help you with adjectives. 

Task 2

LI: write a simple explanation 

Watch the following video: Domino cats

Explain what happened in the video. 

What forces were in action for this to happen?


Magic in Movement

LI: Conduct a scientific investigation

SC: I can follow the structure of a  scientific report and use subheadings.

  • Write a scientific experiment report 

  • Question

  • Hypothesis

  • Materials

I can share my findings from my hoop glider experiment

I can use scientific language

Watch this video from Nanogirl: Make a Harmonica 

Create your own harmonica.

What do you think will happen and why?

Use the scientific investigation headings and write a report.