Wairakei Primary Year 5 & 4 Teachers Job Description: 

(Please specify preferred curriculum speciality)


  • Employed By: Wairakei Primary School Board of Trustees

  • Responsible to: Wairakei Primary School Board Trustees, Principal, Team Teacher

  • Relationships with: Principal, Deputy and Assistant Principals, Team Teacher, Teaching Staff, Ancillary Staff, Outside Agencies, Parent, Pupils

  • Responsible For: Carrying out the professional duties of a teacher according to the policies of the Board of Trustees and to assist with the successful implementation of the National Education Guidelines.

Primary Objective:

  • To be responsible for the education and welfare of the pupils in their own class, across the team and within the school

  • To implement the goals and objectives set in the School Charter by following school policies and the National Curriculum as prescribed in the Wairakei Curriculum Plan and in a culturally responsive way upholding the principles of Tataiako
  • To contribute to, and participate in, the corporate life of the school
  • To recognise the culture of the school, contribute towards and enhance it
  • To uphold high levels of positive professional conduct as outlined in the Code of Conduct from New Zealand Teachers Council
  • To have evidence of learning within the classroom on our school blogs, planning and assessment documentation and that shows the Professional Standard of the Teaching Profession and can be used for  registration purposes

Teaching these primary objectives will involve the teacher in the following dimensions:

  • Developing Professional Knowledge
  • Upskilling Professional Performance in the classroom
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Motivation of Students
  • Classroom Management.
  • Support for and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Contribution to wider school activities
  • Effective Communication across all aspects of the school community

And the following Professional Activities:

  • Personal Professional Development
  • Blog Posts to evidence all curriculum areas
  • Participation in 8 People coaching model
  • Maintain expectations towards registration.
  • Uphold the integrity of the teaching profession 

Key Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities within the School:

  • Minimum of at least 8 blog posts per year posting on a range of curriculum areas across the year.
  • Attendance at school events, Discos and Pet Day
  • Be an active member of the cooperate life of the school
  • Using PaCT data to track learning and achievement of students
  • Any other tasks that arise in a school throughout the year

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