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Playing with Poems

We wrote some great Spring haiku poems with Mrs Young and painted blossoms on trees to make them look like Cherry Blossom trees. Read more about 'Playing with Poems'...

Lizzie and Taylor poems2

Our Biodegradable Experiment

We all collected items to bury to find out if they would biodegrade. We buried a sock, banana skin, tea bag, orange skin, cardboard, card off a tooth bush packet,... Read more about 'Our Biodegradable Experiment'...


Calendar Art Room 2

We got to choose to do one of three backgrounds. All blue, a light blue sky with darker blue ocean or a sunset background. Read more about 'Calendar Art Room 2'...


Room 2’s Cross Country experience

It was great to have some of our Room 2 year 4’s qualify for inter-schools. Well done Lennox and Ashe.We were proud of everyone’s efforts. Read more about 'Room 2’s Cross Country experience'...


Recycling centre trip

Thank you to the students in Room 2 and parents and Shannon, Taupo District CouncilKeywords: Environmentally friendly, Sustainability, Health, Technology, Recycling Centre, Reuseable, Greenwaste, Landfill Read more about 'Recycling centre trip'...

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Swimming with the Aratiatia Year 3’s

Learning how to huddle to keep warm was a fun activity and caused lots of giggles. Read more about 'Swimming with the Aratiatia Year 3’s'...

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Magical Measuring

Some of us used rulers and measured in centimetres and meters and some of us explored using our hand span or feet to measure a distance or height

Read more about 'Magical Measuring'...

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The Mexican Hat Dance

We are comparing and contrasting life in Mexico with our lives in New Zealand

Read more about 'The Mexican Hat Dance'...

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