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Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem

Room 3 has been busy. We looked at global issues and chose to focus on the issue of waste, especially that caused by single-use plastic. Read more about 'Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem'...

Nude food picnic

Room 3’s Biodegradability Garden

After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Room 3 planted a garden with different types of materials to see what would biodegrade.

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Garden all cleaned up2

Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3

In Room 3 this term we have been learning about the global issue of plastic pollution and how we can help by cutting down on waste. Read more about 'Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3'...

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Boomerang Bags in Room 3

Mrs Thompson, along with Victoria and her mum, attended a Boomerang Bags Taupo session. They made reusable produce bags. Read more about 'Boomerang Bags in Room 3'...

Busy sewing bee in Room 3

Going Global in Room 3

We learnt about how the world is split into hemispheres, continents, countries, oceans and seas. It was exciting to discover that many of our Room 3 students’ whanau members came... Read more about 'Going Global in Room 3'...

Rubbish ready to bury

Geology in Room 3

Where did our great lake come from? Why do we have steam coming up from under the ground around us? Why do we have rocks like pumice and obsidian around... Read more about 'Geology in Room 3'...

Making volcanoes in the sandpit2

Measurement in Room 3

We started with measurement activities using non-standard units, like hands, feet, blocks and counters.

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Summer measurement fun2

Butterflies in Room 3

We watched it all day, as we carried on with our other learning. We couldn’t believe it, when at 3:00 it was still in its chrysalis. Reluctantly, we all left for home.

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Kora with a monarch

Frogs in Room 3

We have enjoyed watching our tadpoles grow and change over the past few weeks.

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Checking out our frog