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Room 3’s Surf Crazy for the Summer Concert

As the title of the school concert was ‘Summer Concert’, the students were asked to research and find songs with a summer theme. Read more about 'Room 3’s Surf Crazy for the Summer Concert'...

Awesome hula hooping

Room 3’s Sunflowers

Some Room 3 children asked if we could plant our garden. We decided to plant sunflowers and have a little competition. Read more about 'Room 3’s Sunflowers'...

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Room 3’s Mall in the Hall Stalls

‘Mall in the Hall’ was a grand finale to the term’s financial literacy inquiry unit.

Read more about 'Room 3’s Mall in the Hall Stalls'...


Aratiatia Currency in Room 3

The teachers of the Aratiatia team could see a need to focus on developing the mathematics skills of our students. The children expressed an interest in selling products. Read more about 'Aratiatia Currency in Room 3'...

Playing the Westpac bank game with Kurt

Aratiatia Food Technology Elective

We started by making our own crackers. We could decide on the flavours and the shape that we wanted to cut them into. Read more about 'Aratiatia Food Technology Elective'...

Double chocolate was the most popular flavour

Room 3 Calendar Art 2019

Mrs Thompson began by showing us how to use pastels to create bright coloured pictures. She showed us how to choose at least three colours to fill a space. Read more about 'Room 3 Calendar Art 2019'...

Poppy calendar art

Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem

Room 3 has been busy. We looked at global issues and chose to focus on the issue of waste, especially that caused by single-use plastic. Read more about 'Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem'...

Nude food picnic

Room 3’s Biodegradability Garden

After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Room 3 planted a garden with different types of materials to see what would biodegrade.

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Garden all cleaned up2

Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3

In Room 3 this term we have been learning about the global issue of plastic pollution and how we can help by cutting down on waste. Read more about 'Authentic Persuasive Writing from Room 3'...

Clare with her prototypes2