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Our precious pets

Persuasive writing is a way to present an argument. The writer uses words to convince the reader of their opinion. Read more about 'Our precious pets'...


Perfect patterns

The children have been learning about symmetry. We found out that some objects have symmetry and some don’t. Read more about 'Perfect patterns'...


Room 12 uncovers Material World Mysteries

The children discovered that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a big patch of garbage/rubbish in the middle of the northern Pacific Ocean. It is caught in the water currents. Read more about 'Room 12 uncovers Material World Mysteries'...

2019 Ohaaki Room12.Science Material world Characteristics 15

Did someone says smores

How could we possibly turn down this opportunity - Year's 4-6 students away on camp, the school to ourselves. Read more about 'Did someone says smores'...

2019 Ohaaki Room13.CampActivities Bikes 27

Super shape creators

In small groups, Room 12 attempted to sort our shapes into the various categories. 

Read more about 'Super shape creators'...

2019 Ohaaki Room13.Sensationalshapes 14

Wacky Challenges

Room 12 has all been about challenges. Read more about 'Wacky Challenges'...

2019 Ohaaki Room12 MinutetowinitChallenges2.10

South Africa Push Pin

Our inquiry started with a class brainstorm to record what Room 15 children knew about South Africa

Read more about 'South Africa Push Pin'...

Push Pin Inquiry South Africa Room 15 2019.4

Tabloid fun with our friends

As part of building and promoting our relationship with local early childhood centres Wairakei Primary School hosted a Tabloid Sports Day. Read more about 'Tabloid fun with our friends'...

PETabliod Sports Preschool event Poihipi.jpg