Future Focused

Room 8 took part in Drawing the Future. Drawing the Future is a national survey from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) that asks students in Years 3 to 8 to... Read more about 'Future Focused '...

1 Equestrian Rider and Real Estate Agent Leila2

Playing with Poems

We wrote some great Spring haiku poems with Mrs Young and painted blossoms on trees to make them look like Cherry Blossom trees. Read more about 'Playing with Poems'...

Lizzie and Taylor poems2

Lights, Camera, Play time

Projection of our voices and clarity was important when performing our playKeywords: Performance, Plays, Reading aloud, building confidence, Read more about 'Lights, Camera, Play time '...

Projection of our voices and clarity was important when performing our play2

Kase and Lennon – Budding Authors

Kase has only been at school for a few months and Lennon since the beginning of Term 4. In that time, they, along with the rest of Room 15 and 16, have been working hard on phonics.

Read more about 'Kase and Lennon – Budding Authors'...

writing room15 16 buddingauthors6


Puppets are engaging toys that can help support oral language skills and communication, social/emotional development, and help children learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play. Puppets offer children an engaging way to interact and explore their knowledge and understanding of the world.

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team poihipi room 15 stick puppets 01 2

Phonological Awareness

It is important for children to hear, identify and understand the sounds around them. This is called phonological awareness. Children with good phonological awareness are aware that there are different sounds in speech. This is important for communicating, reading and writing.

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team poihipi room 15 oral language 06

Participating & Contributing Creates Stars

Room 11 knew there was a taniwha, Horo-matangi, in the lake. We also knew the waiata 'One Day a Taniwha' so we decided to create a dance item around it. Read more about 'Participating & Contributing Creates Stars'...

PCCStars dancemusichpe room11 02

Flower Art

The change of season from Winter to Spring was our inspiration. The concept was simple. Flowers - using colour, layers, and shapes. Read more about 'Flower Art'...

flowerart mixedmedia room11 03

Fair Sharing

To do this we had to learn some key mathematical ideas including vocabulary, symbols, words, and what the numbers represent in a fraction symbol. Read more about 'Fair Sharing'...

fairsharing mathematics room11 12

Once upon a time

Room 12 we have been learning about writing narratives as part of our Ohaaki inquiry.

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