Recycling centre trip

Thank you to the students in Room 2 and parents and Shannon, Taupo District CouncilKeywords: Environmentally friendly, Sustainability, Health, Technology, Recycling Centre, Reuseable, Greenwaste, Landfill Read more about 'Recycling centre trip'...

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What Do We Need To Be Happy?

The first thing we did was to discuss the concept of feelings and identify the four feeling domains of anger, sadness, fear and joy. We all agreed that happiness fell into the ‘joy’ domain.

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Biodegradable Fruit Stickers

When I was out in the garden at school I saw lots of plastic fruit stickers in the soil.

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Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem

Room 3 has been busy. We looked at global issues and chose to focus on the issue of waste, especially that caused by single-use plastic. Read more about 'Room 3 Celebrating technology to solve a global problem'...

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Room 3’s Biodegradability Garden

After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Room 3 planted a garden with different types of materials to see what would biodegrade.

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Beautiful Ngahura Leaves

The effects of time passing are part of our daily lives. Room 11 observed the passing of time when the seasons changed from Summer/Raumati to Autumn/Ngahuru. Read more about 'Beautiful Ngahura Leaves'...

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Meet The Year 4 Maths Peer Tutors

A group of fifteen Year 4 students have been selected to receive some additional training in mathematics, with a view to them tutoring other students within the school. Read more about 'Meet The Year 4 Maths Peer Tutors'...

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