We use the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) to track student progress and achievement.

PaCT is a tool designed to help teachers make dependable judgments about students' achievement that can be used to track progress in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Teachers locate students on the Learning Progression Frameworks (LPFs) as they make judgments. PaCT guides teachers to make best-fit decisions about their students' achievement in each of the aspects of the reading, writing, and mathematics frameworks.

Judgments are made twice a year, at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Teachers use a combination of formal assessments, observations and student work to make these judgements.

Mid-year reports consist of a Curriculum Progress Report for Reading, Writing and Mathematics, and a school report written by the teacher that describes what your child can do. There also might be suggestions of next steps in these curriculum areas.

There are also two inquiry topic comments. These indicate how your child has participated in and learnt across the other curriculum areas, specifically in school-wide concepts.

End of year reports consist of a Curriculum Progress Report for Reading, Writing and Mathematics, and a school report written by the teacher, outlining your childs’ work throughout the last two inquiries of the year. Included is a general comment for your child.

Reading Your Child’s Curriculum Progress Reports

Diagram #1 will help you to read this report and gain an understanding of the curriculum level your child is working at in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

1. highlights the symbol ‘I’ which shows your child’s current level of achievement. This is also stated in 1a.
1b. highlights the solid grey line which indicates the expected curriculum level for students as they move through their schooling. The New Zealand Curriculum allows two years for students to settle into school. We include this line for Year 3-6 students.
1c. highlights the scale that is associated with a best-fit curriculum level. When a judgement is made a score is generated - indicating the curriculum level your child is working in.

This information is added to each year. You can expect to see your child’s learning journey throughout their time at Wairakei Primary School. If they join us from another school that also uses PaCT, judgments made at their previous school will also be included in the reports we send home.

Parent Teacher Discussions are an opportunity to discuss these reports and your child’s progress.

If you have any further questions about your child’s progress and wish to speak to someone before the scheduled Parent Teacher Discussions contact your child’s teacher.

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